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Meet Brandy Engler

Brandy Criss-Engler is a real estate powerhouse with a passion for helping clients achieve their unique real estate dreams in Eastern Kansas.
With an impressive 17-year career, she has garnered a reputation as a trusted professional, driven by her unwavering commitment to helping home buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. Leveraging extensive experience and a personal touch, Brandy provides stellar real estate services tailored to the individual needs of her clients. 

A journey to real estate success

Growing up without a stable home, Brandy recognized early on the significance of a secure and comfortable living environment. This ignited her passion for real estate, driven by the goal of helping others find their own peaceful abode. Her journey began 17 years ago, and since then, she’s remained dedicated to her mission – successfully helping hundreds of Kansas natives find their perfect property or sell their homes with ease and efficiency.


Turning dreams into reality

What Brandy loves most about her work is the opportunity to help people turn their real estate aspirations into reality. Whether it’s assisting a family in finding their dream home or overseeing the sale of a farm, she takes immense pride in being a part of life-changing experiences for her clients, providing guidance every step of the way.

Her business is founded on five core values: honesty, loyalty, hard work, intelligence, and experience. These principles form the bedrock of her approach to real estate, and that’s why clients can trust her to provide transparent, trustworthy service as she works tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. To her, real estate is more than just a sale – it’s a way to build deeper connections with her community and help families build their dreams.

One of her standout strengths is the ability to oversee live and online auctions, using her experience as a rancher and landowner to meet her clients’ specific goals.

Beyond her professional life, Brandy is deeply passionate about her faith in God, her family, and their farm. These personal values align seamlessly with her commitment to helping others find their own piece of rural paradise and the stability she cherishes so dearly.


Paving her own path in the industry

Nearly two years ago, Brandy founded Superior Real Estate and Land Group with the goal of creating a values-driven company that puts clients first and is focused on creating a positive impact on the lives of her community.

Brandy’s fellow agents shared this vision, and thanks to their strong working relationship, the team quickly made a name for themselves. In just two years, Superior Real Estate and Land Group has become synonymous with excellence and integrity. The team is among the top real estate agents in their area, offering a comprehensive suite of real estate services that help buyers and sellers get one step closer to their goals.



Ready to buy or sell your property in Eastern Kansas? Don’t wait to start your journey. Contact Superior Real Estate and Land Group today at 785.670.6506 for a consultation and learn how they can help you buy or sell your home.
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