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Named after a Native American chief who fought against US expansion, Wabaunsee County, Kansas was a stronghold of civil rights activists and a part of the Underground Railroad. Today, it celebrates its agricultural heritage with festivals and events, while its scenic landscapes offer abundant outdoor recreation. Wabaunsee County is a place with a story to tell.

Attractions in Wabaunsee County

  • Wabaunsee County Museum. Travel through time at the Wabaunsee County Historical Museum, where exhibits, artifacts, and photographs bring the county’s past to life. Guests can discover the stories of the Native American, pioneer, and immigrant people who shaped Wabaunsee County and learn about the county’s role in the anti-slavery movement and the Underground Railroad.
  • Alma Creamery. Located on the Plaza of the Flint Hills, Alma Creamery is a family-owned and operated creamery who have been handcrafting the famed Alma Cheese since 1946. Here, you can sample and buy their signature cheddar, jack, flavored cheese curds, and seasonal specials.
  • Antique Emporium. Also located in Alma City, Antique Emporium is a treasure trove of antiques from all eras, from vintage furniture and books to antique coins and Corning ware. The emporium has been in business since 1995 and has been a favorite spot for antique lovers and tourists who want a glimpse of Alma culture.

Real estate snapshot

Wabaunsee County has a diverse range of properties for sale, from single-family homes to farms and ranches. These homes are surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in Kansas. With rolling hills, lush forests, and sparkling lakes and creeks, the scenery is a major draw for homebuyers. You can also expect features like hardwood floors, large patios, and spacious bedrooms.

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